CALS has a letter dated August 12, 2015, from Gary Pechie, Director of the Wage & Workplace Standards Division of the Connecticut Department of Labor, Federal and State Policy stating that land surveyors are exempt from prevailing wage laws in Connecticut, at this time. Because the Connecticut Department of Labor is the enforcement agent for the Federal and State prevailing wage laws in Connecticut, this is the policy for all non-CDOT public works projects in this State.

A copy of this letter is available to CALS members, in good standing, who should feel free to present a copy to any authority that questions the land surveyors’ exemption from prevailing wage requirements in Connecticut. Contact Kathy at the CALS office if you would like to receive a copy.

With this information now available, CALS will follow up with the Connecticut Department of Transportation to clarify the procedures relating to prevailing wages for land surveyors working on CDOT construction projects.