2023 -24 Executive Board


Robert Baron, Jr., L.S.

1st Vice President


Angus McDonald, Jr., L.S.

2nd Vice President


Christopher Juliano, P.E., L.S.

Immediate Past President


Our History

A profession is more than a job or a career. A profession is a community, a family. In 1967, the surveying profession in Connecticut took a bold step. The “charter members” came together as a community, and they called their community the Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors (CALS). They recognized there was a great deal to do, and that what they needed to do would not always be easy or even obvious. They accepted that there would not always be unanimity in their numbers. Nevertheless, they embraced the task completely. Building a community from a profession populated by individuals who were known for their fierce independence may have seemed a fool’s errand to some, but the charter members did not waver. Although there were different opinions among them on many topics, with reasoned respect they turned their diversity into strength. On behalf of the entire CALS community we thank them all!

During the past 50+ years, CALS has evolved from a vision to the strength of a force representing a majority of the licensed land surveyors in the state. Under the guidance and leadership of many unselfish presidents and volunteers, we have accomplished so much to protect the public and enhance the surveying profession. It is an honor to acknowledge all of CALS presidents.

Susan F. Mattern, 2019-2021
Wayne Zirolli, 2017-2018
Jeffrey McDougal, 2015-2016
David Palmberg, 2013-2014
Kevin L. DaRos, 2011-2012
John Wagenblatt, 2009-2010
Andrew D. Tupper, 2007-2008
Richard P. Martel, 2005-2006
Jennifer Marks, 2003-2005
Michael G. Wilmes, 2002-2003
Reese G. Roberts, 2000-2002
Robert Dahn, 1997-1999
David J. Rode, 1995-1996
Raymond L. Redniss, 1993-1994
Lawrence W. Fisher, 1990-1992
William W. Seymour, 1987-1989
Richard J. Meehan, 1985-1986
William S. Hall Jr., 1982-1984
John Conklin, 1980-1981
Harry E. Cole, 1979-1980
Paul A. Hallisey, 1978-1979
Francis A. Paul, 1977-1978
Wayne L. Woodis, 1976-1977
Rocco V. D’Andrea, 1975-1976
Arthur Howland, 1974-1975
Robert M. Henrici, 1973-1974
Joseph A. Cermola, 1972
Mervyn F. Strauss, 1970-1971
George L. Davis, 1969
Paul Kaye, 1967-1968
Joseph L Alberti
Russell S. Andres *
Clement J. Arcamone *
Donald Ayrton
Clayton Barrett *
David A. Bascom
Edward J. Bazzell *
John A. Bear
Alexander S. Bunney *
Joseph W. Cass
Merritt B. Chalker *
Harry E. Cole *
Henry C. Cotton *
Ferdinand A. Czwaczka *
Rocco V. D’Andrea *
Harry E. Daggett *
Thomas B. Danielson *
Charles E. Davis
George L. Davis *
Robert Decker *
Dennis A. Deilus
Allan S. Devaul
Robert A. Devaul *
John Donnelly
Stephen R Donahue *
Robert A. Dutch *
James C. Edgett
Russell G. Faulds *
Morton S. Fine
Edward J. Frattaroli *
Joseph J. Frattaroli
Everett O. Gardner *
Richard A. Hall *
Gustav A. Hanson *
Henry F. Henrici *
Robert M. Henrici
Arthur H. Howland
Lawrence E. Hughes
David S. Huntington
Carl V. Johnson *
Roger W. Jones *
Robert P. Kandetzki
Paul Kaye *
Paul G. Kotosky *
William J. Kozlowski
Arthur W. Kratzert *
Phillip J. LaCava *
W.C. Lefevre *
Leo Leonard *
Augustine F. Lepore Jr. *
Charles S. Lyman Jr. *
Alvin J. MacBrien
Malcolm G. MacDonald
Raymond A. MacMath
William J. Maloney *
Paul R. Munula *
Carl G. Mattson Jr.
Angus L. McDonald *
Charles H. Miller *
Roger J. Mullins *
Peter P. Myer *
Benedito T. Nascimbeni
Sabino A. Panza *
Oliver H. Paquette *
William G. Pazda
Charles W. Peach *
Charles J. Pelletier
Francis J. Perna
Ernest A. Phillips
Harry Pidluski *
Ralph O. Porter
Douglas Prior *
Robert L. Redniss *
William E. Riordan
Richard M. Ryan *
William E. Savage Jr. *
Alfred E. Schindler
Ralph H. Sinay *
Louis P. Stein *
Mervyn F. Strauss
Alphonsus C.A. Teraila *
John R. Tuite *
Rocco Verderosa *
Edward G. Wallace
John T. Wells *
F.N. Wittenmore Jr.
Lyle B. Whittlesey
Wayne L. Woodis
Vincent Yannone *
* deceased

Tolland County