Surveying and mapping technologies, as well as our profession, have undergone dramatic transformations during the past few decades. Surveying is a profession of multi-disciplined, advanced technologies with focus and application to land-related issues. Each of these disciplines employs state-of-the-art equipment and utilizes resources at the forefront of emerging technologies.

  • Land Surveying – Including Property and Topographic Surveys
  • Geodesy – Defining map datums and mapping the earth
  • Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry – Currently focused on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data acquisition
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) – Survey control and data acquisition for general mapping and digital databases
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – Digital databases for town, county, and state wide mapping systems

Licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor is required in all fifty states and the U.S. Territories. To obtain licensure, many states require a degree in Surveying and Mapping or related sciences, along with four years experience working under the supervision of a licensed professional land surveyor.

Licensure may also be obtained through extensive experience under a licensed professional or in conjunction with college specializations in any of the following disciplines:

  • Land Surveying
  • Forestry
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Geography
  • Environmental Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Natural Resource Management

Whether the surveyor chooses to specialize in one or more of the disciplines, he or she will find a career in land surveying both exciting and challenging. There are opportunities to work in both the field and office environments, and the work can involve travel between states or globally.

CALS Memorial Scholarship Fund 2021 Awards

The Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors (CALS) is pleased to offer annual scholarships to deserving students of surveying.

Scholarships have been established in honor of the following members:

  • Harry E. Cole – 1909 – 1984
  • Oliver H. Paquette – 1931 – 1992
  • William G. Bergland – 1918 – 1989
  • William W. Seymour – 1947 – 1998

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