May 5, 2022, The Lace Factory, Deep River, CT

Logan Campbell, ASPRS USA Certified Mapping Scientist, founder and CEO of Aerotas, located in San Diego, Calif. gave an informative presentation from 3:15-4:15 for our nearly 100 guests.

At 4:30 everyone went outside for a very interesting demonstration conducted by Mike Giacco, Director of Technology at AI Engineers and Jeremy Oskandy, Senior Civil Engineer, at AI Engineers.

At 5:00 everyone returned to the dining room where CALS 2nd Vice President Bob Baron hosted a presentation on drones along with Mike Giacco and Jeremy Oskandy. This was followed by questions from the audience.

Dinner was served at 6:45.

Much appreciation goes to Bob Baron who put together a fantastic program, the wonderful presenters who all donated their time and expertise, and our amazing sponsors who dug deep into their pockets in support of CALS.

AI Engineers


BL Companies

Brautigam Land Surveyors

Rocco V. D’Andrea

DGT Associates

Godfrey Hoffman Hodge

David Huntington, L.S.

Juliano Associates

LRC Group

Meehan & Goodin

Northstar Surveyors

J.R. Russo Associates

William W. Seymour Associates

Wayne Zirolli, P.E., L.S.

A special thank you to Abul Islam, CEO, President of AI Engineers, who lent us his staff and equipment to provide the program, Mike Garon who helped with the AV equipment, Jay Doody & Ed Rhodes who sold raffle tickets and Jolene Stefura who helped out with setting up and registration.

Thank you to Dean Martin who donated his half of the 50/50 raffle back to CALS.