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2017 Officers and Directors


PresidentWayne J. Zirolli
Phone: 860-567-5568
Email: wjzengineering@optimum.net
1st Vice-PresidentSusan F. Mattern
Phone: 860-889-1999
Fax: 860-383-2524
Email: susan@matternstefonsurveyors.com
2nd Vice-PresidentChristopher J. Juliano
Phone: 203-265-1489
Fax: 203-949-1523
Email: cjuliano@julianoassociates.com
SecretaryRobert J. Baron Jr.
Phone: (860)594-2510
Fax: (860)594-2678
Email: Robert.Baron@ct.gov
TreasurerAlan S. Fenrow
Phone: 860-608-1015
Email: afenrow@gmail.com

Past Presidents

David Palmberg2013-2014
Kevin L. DaRos2011-2012
Andrew D. Tupper2007-2008
Jennifer Marks2003-2005
Reese G. Roberts2000-2002
Robert Dahn1997-1999
David J. Rode1995-1996
Raymond L. Redniss1993-1994
Lawrence W. Fisher1990-1992
Richard J. Meehan1985-1986
William S. Hall Jr.1982-1984
Harry E. Cole1979-1980
Paul A. Hallisey1978-1979
Francis A. Paul1977-1978
Wayne L. Woodis1976-1977
Rocco V. D'Andrea1975-1976
Arthur Howland1974-1975
Robert M. Henrici1973-1974
Mervyn F. Strauss1970-1971
Paul Kaye1967-1968

County Directors

Fairfield CountyMichael S. Shevlin Jr.
Phone: 203-218-5840
Email: mike@shevlinls.com
Roger Stalker
Phone: 203-563-0048
Email: surveying@sbcglobal.net
Hartford CountyDean G. Martin
Phone: 860-832-9328
Fax: 860-357-4604
Email: martinsurveying148@yahoo.com
Reese G. Roberts
Phone: 860-688-6628
Fax: 860-285-8435
Email: reese.roberts@snet.net
Litchfield CountyTwyllie
Phone: 860-605-9075
Email: twyllie1234@yahoo.com
William S. Hall Jr.
Phone: (860)283-5794
Email: surveyor350@msn.com
Middlesex CountyNormand D. Bolduc
Phone: 860-635-2877
Email: nb12survey@yahoo.com
Richard Martel
Phone: 860-233-6312
Email: martelnorthstar@aol.com
New Haven CountyAdam Hoffman
Phone: 203-239-4217
Fax: 203-234-2088
Email: ahoffman@godfreyhoffman.com
Rick Howard
Phone: 203-317-0570
Email: rick@nbyne.com
New London CountyCraig Bigger
Phone: (860)928-7848
Email: cbigger@cmeengineering.com
Mike Garon
Phone: 860-652-8227
Email: mgaron@bscgroup.com
Tolland CountyJay Ussery, Jr.
Phone: 860-623-0569
Fax: 860-623-2485
Email: jussery@jrrusso.com
Lawrence Geissler
Phone: 860-291-8755
Fax: 860-291-8757
Email: lgeissler@designprofessionalsinc.com
Windham CountyJim Rossman
Phone: 860-237-4773 ext 1001
Email: jrossman@stadiaeng.com
Paul Archer
Phone: 860-779-2240
Fax: 860-779-2240
Email: archersurveying@yahoo.com

Proprietors Councils

Land Surveyors in Private PracticeMark S. Lebow
Phone: 203-655-3331
Fax: (203)656-2143
Email: ml@wws-ls.com
Public Sectorbrian.florek@ct.gov
Phone: 860-424-3040
Email: brian.florek@ct.gov
SouthcentralAngus McDonald, Jr.
Phone: 860-388-4671
Fax: 860-388-3962
Email: almgps-almj@snet.net
NSPS Board of GovernorsJeffrey McDougal
Phone: 203-655-3331
Fax: 203-656-2143
Email: jm@wws-ls.com
Board of Examiners LiaisonReese G. Roberts
Phone: 860-688-6628
Fax: 860-285-8435
Email: reese.roberts@snet.net
MAPPSAlan Bongiovanni
Phone: 860-666-0134
Fax: 860-666-3830
Email: al@bgils.com